A downloadable game

Free mobile game!

This is Real one! 

Wanna be the King of soccer?
Wanna be a legendary dribbler? Like famous soccer players?
Your dream will come true!

Run through defenders! It's like dancing!
Earn Coins and get better sports-wears. You'll get stronger!

This is not a simple 'runner game'
This is 'Football Dribble runner game'!

Don't let defenders hit your ball! The ball is only for you!
Be a legendary striker.
If you trained enough, nobody can stop your fantastic dribble.

<Three game modes >
*Carrier mode : Dribble through hundreds of defenders. It would be getting tough. But you'll get stronger too!
*Endless mode : How many defenders can you beat? Challenge! 
*Super-Slow mode : Do you like slow motion? It's truly a super power! Be a super hero and dominate enemies!

* Each character has their own stories. If you clear all stages of career mode, you can watch their stories!

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